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Affirmations to create the days after 21st of December.

Today I was reminded about gratitude and to keep the heart open to all the beauty and grace every day brings, as every day is a gift. I would like to share this short video from Moving art-Louie Schwartzberg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj2ofrX7jAk

The end of the year also brings the end of an ancient calendar which has been widely discussed. The Mayan calendar is ending and for many this is a time of anticipation.
For me it is the time to keep my heart open and to embrace and cherish every person, every animal, every bit of nature, very moment in awe, as if it was the first and the last time I am going to experience it.
What does the end of the calendar mean to you? What are your aspirations for the new year? Make them high, make them awesome ...just like you.

Carl Johan Calleman (a 2012 expert)
says that the build-up to 21 December, 2012, is the most important time that any one of us will ever experience. It has been said that you may be experiencing the end of things that do not serve you in your life, and the beginning of things that do.
f we are ready there are incredible opportunities for higher ascension and true happiness as well as the return of our gifts.

In the spirit of creating an amazing experience of the days to come you might find these affirmations helpful:
I release all criticism
Just for today I do not anger
Just for today I do not worry
Today is a gift
I open my eyes and surprise myself
I am open 
My gratefulness is overflowing my heart and nourishing my self and the world around me.
I deserve to be happy, successful, loved and nourished.
I create abundance
I extend love and I receive love.
I trust the flow of life/ universe/ god.
I accept and respect myself.
I honor who I truly am.
I am a being of love and kindness.

 and my favorite affirmation:
Every day in every way I get better and better...

Pick those that resonate most with you and make them a song, a mantra for you to accompany you into your sleep and as soon as you wake up into the new unique day, as you are watching TV and whilst you are driving the car, bicycle or as you are walking along the beach, a park or anywhere in nature.

 This will be your focus, your attention, your intention. 
The mind is powerful and creates whatever you focus on.

If you would like to create new patterns and habits in your life and you need some help I would love to teach you self hypnosis. This is a powerful tool for you to bring about desired changes. We all use self hypnosis everyday by telling ourselves things sometimes so quickly we do not even come conscious of those voices. Unfortunately they are most of the time not desirable, empowering, positive and encouraging things we tell ourselves but they do work as they often keep us stuck, unhappy, unhealthy, anxious, angry, sad, bitter and lost. Why not use this power to create a healthy, happy, joyful, loving life for yourself and for everyone close to you as they will profit from a happier you as well. So learning self hypnosis or anything else that will help you to feel better within yourself will be the least selfish thing you have ever done!
Love and light


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dissertation writing services on Tuesday, 28 May 2013 1:23 AM
We all use self hypnosis everyday by telling ourselves things sometimes so quickly we do not even come conscious of those voices.
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Gloria on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 3:13 PM
Absolutely...we do hypnotise ourselves...so choose your thoughts wisely and be aware of what is going on in your mind the self talk. Be your own best friend and give yourself love and attention. By doing that you come from a genuine love and kindness that can extend out and shine...for others to be touched and transformed too...as you change the world around you can change too. Love and light Gloria

china marks on Sunday, 9 June 2013 1:56 AM
Thanks for your publication; wild style. Many thanks sharing your article.
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essay on Wednesday, 24 July 2013 9:15 PM
Man is the driver of his own life, nobody can tell what will happen in the future, it all depends on how you look your life. Be happy, optimistic, and free. The best thing in life are free.
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