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12 Really Good Reasons to have Regular Massages

. TOUCH -Being touched in a loving and kind way makes us FEEL loved and gives feedback to the brain about that touch and in turn the brain can initiate relaxation and in turn healing. Baby massages are one of theeeee best things you can do for your little loved ones. I did it for my daughter and/ or foot massages and she still goes to sleep over them even now, 16 years later....:-)
2. CIRCULATION- increased circulation to the areas of tension that are being worked on in a massage helps the body to break down toxins and to repair and heal those areas.

9 powerful ways to deal with perceived stress.

9 powerful methods to deal with perceived stress:
When you feel the symptoms of perceived stress- such as palpitations, an irritable bowel, insomnia, headaches, or loss of appetite- do something positive. You could useholistic massageson a more frequent basis and also consider the following measures:

  1. Establish some healthy boundaries and learn to say" No' when you are taking on too many things to do any one good enough.
  2. If you work at a desk or have a sedentary lifestyle, getup and take some

Do you find it easy to forgive

Do you find it easy to forgive people who have hurt or abused you in some way?
I didn’t until I started to understand that I was hurting myself more by maintaining a tight knot of resentment and anger towards the people who had wronged me. As I learned to love myself, and make loving myself more important than hating the other person, a profound shift happened within me.
I felt more loving not only towards myself, but also towards everyone and all situations in my life. This shift in perspective produced a state of relaxation, ease, and trust that all was right with my world.

Implementing a desirable habit

The significance of creating a good routine or habit!
We all know how hard it can be to break an unhealthy habit specially if it brings pleasure and it was well practiced. That is why I would like to invite you to be mindful of good routines that you could establish that support you, balance you and energize you. 
A good healthy routine of mine is to go to my hot yoga class every morning after dropping my daughter at school. I do it without thinking and I make time for it automatically unless there is an emergency.

5 little known ways to have fantastic energy!

Five little known ways to have fantastic energy!

  • Drink a big glass of water before you get out of bed. This helps to bring hydration into your body and in particular into the large intestines which have their peak performance time between 5am and 7am (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine/ 5 Element Theory/ Acupuncture). If your body is hydrated the colon does not have to absorb water from the bowel and therefore one can pass and get rid of any waste easier and smoother :-). This creates space (literally and metaphorically)for the NEW day!

Color energy meditation

A color energy meditation:

....close your eyes and imagine a red ball of energy spinning just at the end of your spine your coccyx and let that deep vibrant red energy gently expand at just that one spot, strengthening your sense of security and feeling of connection to your primary family... now imagine an orange energy spinning in a ball, round and round at your belly button area, spinning and softly expanding at just that one spot, healing relationship issues and inspiring your creativity.

My greatest challenge- surrender!

Surrender...Not just bending my bones… As I walk into the warm yoga room at east west yoga in Newmarket I am glad to be here. Why you might ask? You are going to be tortured and be incredibly hot…yap! I look at it this way: Every morning again this is my chance to clear my mind, to clear my body from any blockages accumulated by thought processes, self talk, experiences, triggered memories, emotions…Being a Kinesiologist I know how certain emotions can weaken a muscle or a muscle group and meridians ultimately the immune system and organs.

Improving my yoga...

I have been experimenting with applying meditation for chakra energy and self hypnosis into my Bikram yoga practice.
It has been very helpful in stabilizing my big toe which likes to lift off the ground and changes the whole dynamics of all poses.
As soon as we start class with the breathing exercise in Bikram Yoga I imagine a powerful red energy coming from the tip of my spine and is flowing down into my legs and feet through the soles of my feet into the ground. This red energy in my mind is turning into roots holding , surrounding, stabilizing my legs, my toes, my coccyx.

Boosting your confidence...a script for self - hypnosis

Confidence boost self hypnosisFirst identify your challenge. Do you have something that you feel insecure about, that you want to boost your confidence about? This might be an important conversation with a spouse or family member or even your boss. It might be a speech you have to give or a task you have to do, it might be a sports performance or meeting new people. What ever it is identify it now. As you come aware of your issue you can change it. If you do not identify it you can not change it.

Affirmations to create the days after 21st of December.

Today I was reminded about gratitude and to keep the heart open to all the beauty and grace every day brings, as every day is a gift. I would like to share this short video from Moving art-Louie Schwartzberg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj2ofrX7jAk

The end of the year also brings the end of an ancient calendar which has been widely discussed. The Mayan calendar is ending and for many this is a time of anticipation.
For me it is the time to keep my heart open and to embrace and cherish every person, every animal, every bit of nature, very moment in awe, as if it was the first and the last time I am going to experience it.

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